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Cadbury Santa's Sleigh Kit

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  • A deliciously fun gift to make your own Christmas Santa's Sleigh. A great novelty sleigh shaped gift box with includes all the chocolate components to construct your Santa's Sleigh. Self assembly kit includes Dairy Milk Bars, Dairy Milk hollow Santa, Curly Wurly, Freddo, Fudge Chomp amd white buttons. Instructions on how to make the kit and template are on the box. The limited edition Cadbury Santa's Sleigh Kit makes a magical and unique Christmas gift. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS: First, you need to cut your sleigh panels. There will be off-cuts which, when melted, will stick your sleigh together. 1: For the sides of your sleigh, take two 95g Cadbury Dairy Milk bars and cut each into two sections - 5x3 chunks ‘ A’ and 3x2 chunks ‘B’ (see diagram 1 on the box). Place the three chunk off-cut from both into a microwave-safe bowl. 2: For the front and back of your sleigh take the third 95g Cadbury Dairy Milk bar and cut into 2 sections - 4x3 chunks for the back ‘C’ and 2x3 chunks for the front ‘D’ (see diagram 2 on the box). Place the 6 chunk off-cut into a microwave-safe bowl. 3. Pop the bowl into the microwave and melt the chocolate slowly and carefully. Start with 20 second bursts and reduce the time as the chocolate melts. Stir the chocolate well between bursts. Now we’re going to construct your sleigh from the sections you’ve cut. 4 & 5: To make the two side panels, use melted chocolate to stick ‘A’ to ‘B’ see diagrams 4 & 5. Please note: the two sides of your sleigh are mirror images of each other. Leave to set. 6: Take the two sides and, with the melted chocolate, stick ’C’ to the back and ‘D’ to the front see diagram 6. Press the panels together and hold until set. 7: Using melted chocolate fix the Curly Wurly sleigh runners to the sides and decorate with white buttons (see diagram 7 on the box). 8: Add Santa and Cadbury bars to finish (see diagram 8 on the box). TIP: If your melted chocolate sets it can be carefully re-melted as per step 3. WARNING Not suitable for children under 4. Adult supervision required
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